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Let's get together for your next family photo shoot and create lasting memories in a fun and easy way. Together we can choose a beautiful location to accommodate your family. Focusing on the love and the life of your family we will create beauty. Being a lifestyle photographer, I focus first on creating a comfortable shooting experience for my families, then I like to play. I love to capture families as they are, so if you have little ones and they aren't feeling up taking photos, first of all, know that we have all been there and you are not alone. But we do the best we can and we play as much as we can! I love capturing movement in my images so this means some pictures looking at the camera but a lot aren't, sometimes movement creates blur and sometimes we get some silly faces and all of that is on purpose. From my personal point of view, shooting this way, creates interest and a more lifelike memory of what my families were like at the ages that we took the photos.